St. Charles Elementary School


Welcome To St. Charles Elementary School

Home Of The Bulldogs

801 W. Walnut St. 
St. Charles, MI 48655
Phone: (989)865-9210 Fax: (989)865-2449

Elementary Office Staff

Heather Selich, principal

      Zsa Zsa Browne, secretary 

Jane Jordan, counselor

elem staff


Kinder 24


Walk to School Day was a successful and FUN day for our students.



Spirit Week

Concert Schedule

STC Officer Of The Week


We are very excited to have a new program this year with the St. Charles Police Dept. 

Each teacher at St. Charles Elementary School throughout the school year will be given a week to nominate one of their students to be Officer of the Week. This week, it was Skyler. The Officer of the Week is given a certificate and sworn in with a contract signed by the Chief. They get a badge to wear around the school for the week, and the Chief will bring them in a lunch of their choice from McDonalds, Pizza, or Subway. They eat lunch together in a separate room along with two friends of their choosing to have some one-on-one time with the Chief to get to know each other. The teacher may also give the Officer of the Week extra perks or responsibilities within the classroom. After swearing in the Officer of the Week, the Chief returns to the classroom with them and speaks to the class. During this time, the students learn about the gear that we carry and how to become an Officer, and they have the chance to ask questions.

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Spirit Ticket Winners

The Saginaw Spirits have an Adopt A School Program. We were lucky to be adopted by Mercantile Bank. The elementary school will also do a weekly family ticket giveaway until tickets are gone!